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Textiles were a practical way for woman to show off their creativity and skills-and the variety is great. It is often to hard to find old cloth in perfect condition, but even if there are small holes or the cloth has faded antique textiles are wonderful to own. We are pleased to be able to offer many different types and colors of antique textiles including quilts, hooked rugs, clothing, coverlets, homespuns, braided rugs, potholders and pincushions. As much information as is known about each item is included. This is a representative sample of our inventory, email us if you are looking for something specific. Please see our home page for information on purchasing these items.
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Item List Last Updated: Sun Jan 3, 2021

Chicken Pincushion
$ 85

Patchwork Doll Quilt
$ 195

Nine Patch Diamonds in a Square Crib Quilt
$ 365

Early Sewing Roll Up
$ 195

Patchwork Doll Quilt
$ 235

Early Round Braided Candlestick Mat
$ 145

Needlework in Paint Decorated Frame
$ 295

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