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A short history and background on Baker & Co. Antiques is below. We look forward to hearing from you. Don't be shy about emailing or calling us!

Baker & Co. Antiques was started by Tom Baker as a result of a number of local antique dealers wanting a place to focus on selling high-quality country American antiques. Baker & Co. Antiques has seen significant growth since it's inception, changing with the times. Most significantly, the Baker & Co. Antiques website went live in January 1998. As one of the first antique Americana focused websites owned by an individual antique shop, it broke new ground, earning awards and kudos from antique lovers everywhere. 

The intent of the Baker & Co. website has always been to provide a way for visitors to quickly view high-quality country antiques. Sometimes it is hard to decide in which category to put an check each of the categories carefully. Alternatively, you can use the "search" on our home page to quickly see if we have an item listed.

Tom Baker has been a dealer (and collector) of country American antiques for over 25 years.  Prior to moving to Soquel, CA in 1993, Tom exhibited in prestigious antique shops in New England including Antique Associates at West Townsend MA, Boston Road Antiques in Groton MA, and 1812 House Antiques in Manchester VT.  Tom has an uncanny eye for antiques, remembering the smallest of details and always seeking items that are colorful & folky. Anything in old paint or old textiles are Tom's true loves. You'll see this passion reflected in the content of Baker & Co. Antiques website. In 2015, we moved back to the east coast and now reside in the Albany NY area - which is where Tom met his wife Sheila.

Baker & Co. Antiques is a member of both the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association and the Vermont Antiques Dealers Association.

In 2009, Tom and his wife Sheila created Dig Antiques to help collectors and dealers be able to locate, buy and sell antiques. It was driven by the realization that there are many antiques dealers focusing on country, folk art and Americana with great websites but it was difficult as a colletor and buyer to locate them. Dig Antiques provides a one-stop search of 400 antiques websites. In addition it has since expanded to include Shops at Dig Antiques for those sellers that do not have their own website or are looking for an easy way to sell antiques. Be sure to check out Dig Antiques and sign up for the monthly Dig Antiques Newsletter.

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